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We Know how difficult it is to get that perfect blended balayage.

That's why we created Balay Powder, to give you the freedom to thicken any lightener for just the right lift & consistency. 

Break up with that underwhelming clay lightener. Join some of the best in the business and blayage without boundaries!

Balay Powder FAQ

Discover everything you need to know to get started with Balay Powder. Balayage without boundaries! 

Use Your Favorite Lightener

What if you could use your favorite lightener and still get the consistency needed for balayage?

Now you can.

Balayage With Color

Imagine the creative freedom you’ll have when you can turn your favorite color into the consistency needed for balayage.

Paint lowlights & highlights at the same time. 

You can even add it to your vivid colors!


Premix your lightener or
haircolor according to manufacturer's
directions. Next, simply mix in a little Balay
Powder at a time until you get the prefered
consistency that works best for your

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