About Us

Born of necessity in 2009, Beauty Innovations is the brainchild of beauty industry power partners James Gartner and Adam Swanlund.

Comfortable living on the cutting edge, the pair set about making available beauty products better from the confines of their nationally-acclaimed salon.  The task was a natural for both.

James is a top colorist, noted educator and editorial stylist featured in “Modern Salon” and “Beauty Launchpad” magazines.  Adam, beyond his hair world training, is a human resources professional, serving Fortune 500 companies such as Hewitt and Sears.

Balay Powder is the latest and perhaps greatest member of the Beauty Innovations product line.  One day, while preparing for a balayage with a traditional clay based lightener, James thought to himself “I wish my regular lightener could be thicker.”

He knew being able to adjust the consistency of lighteners and deposit color for balayage would put an end to unwanted lifting challenges, streaks, drips and blotches.  James and Adam are committed to strict use of natural ingredients in personal and professional life. Using nature’s offerings and a little trial and error...behold...Balay Powder was born.  A product that does what’s needed without altering any other part of the balayage process. Miraculous.



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