Balay Powder Mixing Chart

Whether using Balay Powder with your favorite lightener or deposit color, it won’t ever change your mixing measures or your timing.  It will chang...

Balay Powder FAQ

Discover everything you need to know to get started with Balay Powder. Balayage without boundaries! 

Holiday Slay: Silver Rose Gold Color Using Balay Powder

Balay Powder plus Guy Tang #mydentity metallic hair color equals the perfect paint for lowlight balayage guaranteed to bring the sparkle to any holiday celebration.

Dark To Light - Color Correction

Today we show you a color correction bringing our model from a dark brown to a light brown with blond balayage using Balay Powder Balayage Additive. 

Introducing the Balayage Chip Brush!

Watch our newest tool in action and discover all the benefits.


Summer Festivities Hair Tutorial

In this video we show you how to achieve a look that is perfect for summer festivities ft. Balay Powder Artist @hairbydanielfg. Perfectly demonstrates the effects of mixing balay powder into vivid colors like Pulp Riot. 

Does Balay Powder Impact Lift or Deposit?

Balay Powder will not impact lift or deposit. No developer adjustment is needed. Any issues with processing time or lift can be solved by using less Balay Powder. As some lighteners provide 9+ levels of lift and others only 4, everything may be adjusted based on personal preference.

Behind The Scenes - Pulp Riot + Balay Powder

Some of the Balay Powder Tribe members did a photo shoot using Pulp Riot Hair Color Mixed with Balay Powder! It allows the direct dye color to be painted like a clay based product. Results were a mix of new colors that are complete eye candy.  

Criss Cross Balayage Technique

This balayage free hand technique is designed for virtually any salon guest. It is easy to re-touch and so versatile. Our Cheif Creative James Gartner @gratnerjames shows us how to apply.

Does Balay Powder replace my tradition clay lighteners/developers?

Yes! Why carry another set of developers and lightener meant for balayage, when you can just add Balay Powder to your regular lightener? Save money and cut down on the space needed in your professional inventory.

Get The Lift You Want During Balayage

James Gartner @gartnerjames shows how he uses Balay Powder in his favorite lighteners to get the lift he desires during balayage.

Hair Tip Tuesday: How To Get The Lift Needed For Balayage.

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Chestnut Balayage How-To

Watch Balay Powder in action with @gartnerjames as he shows us this soft balayage technique. Balay Powder is a professional product that is added to your favorite lightener or color to create the perfect consistency for free hand balayage painting.



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